Gold Coin Investment

Inviting You to Join the Prerna Investment Gold Coin Scheme!

Prerna Investment is committed to helping you to convert your funds into real or physical assets through our innovative Gold Coin Scheme. Our scheme takes into account your goals for your financial future and provides a means to both protect and build your money by investing in physical gold coins. The prospect of safety and success is too good to proceed further with us, so let's look into it more.

Why GOLD COIN Scheme?

Our Gold Coin Scheme is an elegant synthesis of gold's ageless attraction and the practical advantages of a well-planned investment. A minimum investment of Rs. 1,000,000 will get you started on a path where your money grows and is also transformed into beautiful gold coins.

How Our Gold Coin Scheme Works:

Investment and Locking Period:

The minimum amount to invest into the Gold Coin Scheme is 100,000/-. There is a 6-month lockup period on this investment during which your money will be put to work to generate profits for you.

Monthly Gold Coin Delivery:

After joining our scheme, you will start making investments. You may get 10 grams of gold on the 5th of every month for 6 months if you invest Rs. 10,00,000/-. The minimum amount to invest into the Gold Coin Scheme is 100,000/-. There is a 6-month lockup period on this investment during which your money will be put to work to generate profits for you.

Our trusted courier service/ Reliable source will send a 10-gram gold coin to your door on the 5th of every month. You can get the benefit of expanding riches and good financial status with this 999 rs /- worth of gold.

Investment Growth and Exit Option:

Your collection of gold coins will grow with the passes. It will symbolize your increasing financial strength. A total of 60 grams of gold will be sent to you over the six months. After the 6-month lockup period, you may continue to keep this gold as an asset, or you can choose to withdraw from the plan.

Refund Option:

This option will only work after 6 months, that is the locking period for this scheme. If you want to leave this program before 6 months, or during these 6 months period. There will be no refund. Let's say that after the first six months, you've decided to leave the program. That way, you may get out of the deal without any problem and get back your original money.

Trustworthy and Reliability:

Transparency and reliability are the cornerstones of our Gold Coin Scheme. We assure you that every step of the investment process is carried out with utmost professionalism and integrity.

Why Choose Prerna Investment's Gold Coin Scheme?

Tangible Wealth Accumulation

You may now collect gold coins, a reliable store of value that is respected across the world, thanks to the Gold Coin Scheme

Predictable Returns

Gains That Can Be Anticipated Receive gold coins every month for a full six months and enjoy regular gains in purchasing power.


With our system, you can be certain that your gold coins will arrive at your door in perfect condition and on time.


After the requisite time (6 months) has passed, you will be given the option of either keeping your gold coins or receiving a refund.

Trustworthy Partner

Prerna Investment has established itself as a reliable business associate for those interested in financial investing. You can trust these professionals with your future financial success.

We at Prerna Investment are ecstatic to present the Gold Coin Scheme, a chance for investment that comes with the glamour of gold with the prospect of profit. Invest a minimum of Rs. 1,000,000/- to embark on a path that will guarantee your financial future and provide you with the finer things in life. Don't pass up the chance to make your money sparkle; invest in Prerna investment right now.


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