Agriculture Investment

At Prerna Investment, we assist our customers to reach their individual financial goals. We believe in offering a wide range of investment opportunities. Our Agriculture Scheme stands for our commitment to economic development and prosperity. Investing in agriculture via our scheme is the best chance to secure one's financial future. Investors may acquire access to a half-acre of fertile agricultural land where we produce nutrient-rich Napier grass with a minimum investment of 5 lakh. This investment allows investors to gain access to the land.

Time Slot Investment Investment From Yield Investment Interest
1M 113333.3333
2M 113333.3333
3M 113333.3333
4M 87500 147750
5M 147750
6M 147750

Our Natural Resource Obtained by Growing Napier Grass

The Napier grass which is so well-known for its adaptability as well as its positive effects on the environment is the star of our Agriculture Scheme. This grass does very well in the healthy soil that we supply for it, as seen by the wonderful results it produces every quarter. The fact that Napier grass, a natural resource, may be used in a wide variety of contexts makes investing in it an environmentally responsible choice that is in line with our dedication to sustainability.

Our Agriculture Program

If somebody invests 10 lac in our Agriculture Scheme. Because you have made this investment, you will now have ownership of a significant section of the land where we grow Napier grass. Your investment blooms and develops to the point where it is ready to be harvested during the period of the Napier grass's four-month development cycle.

You will finally be able to harvest your prizes after each growing cycle. As a result, you stand to make a return or profit of up to 15 lakh. This return not only compensates you for the original investment you made, but it also shows the expansion and potential of our Agriculture Scheme.

Benefits Of Our Agriculture Scheme

  • Sustainable Growth: The Agriculture Scheme exemplifies our commitment to environmentally responsible business practices. You may have a positive impact on the world around you while also increasing your wealth via the cultivation of Napier grass.
  • Diversification: A prudent tactic is to spread your holdings over a variety of different investment vehicles. Your current financial initiatives will benefit from increased steadiness and resiliency when you take advantage of Our Agriculture Scheme's one-of-a-kind opportunity.
  • Ethical Investment: When you take part in our Agriculture Scheme, you are not only investing in your financial future, but you are also supporting ethical farming methods.

Getting Started With Our Agriculture Scheme

The procedure for taking part in our Agriculture Scheme may be summarized as follows:

  • Minimum Investment: You may access the full potential of our Agriculture Scheme with a minimum investment of 5 lacs.
  • Land Ownership: Your contribution will give you ownership of a half-acre of land, which serves as the canvas for the growth of our Napier grass.
  • Growth and Returns: The cycles of Napier grass produce returns once every four months, so you may see your investment develop as a result. The expansion of this natural resource parallels the expansion of your business financially.
  • Profit Realization: After each development cycle, you realize your returns, assuring both your financial objectives and your commitment to maintaining a sustainable business.

When it comes to Prerna Investment, the Agriculture Scheme isn't just about the statistics; rather, it's about creating a profitable and environmentally friendly future. You will gain the benefits of your ethical financial choices while also contributing to environmentally friendly farming via your investment. Come along with us on this adventure, where developing riches and preserving the environment go hand in hand with each other. Embrace the Agriculture Scheme right now, and see your investments flourish in terms of both financial rewards and ecological responsibility.